Foam Roller Exercises - Neck

Neck Overview

The goal of massaging your neck muscles with the foam roller is to decrease tension and increase mobility. In this foam roller massage exercise, we are massaging the neck muscles right at the base of the head.

Caution: Do not perform this exercise if you have had recent neck-surgery, or if you have cervical-disc problems.

Step 1:

Lie down with your knees bent, two feet flat on the floor, and with the base of your head resting on the foam roller.

Step 2:

Slowly roll your head back and forth, from left to right, 8-10 times. By "slowly," I mean it should take you a count of 'five-one-thousand' or longer, to rotate your head from one side to the other. Rotate your head slowly enough that you can feel your neck muscles relaxing onto the foam roller. Be careful, because jerking or bouncing movements could injure your neck.

Foam Roller Stretches

One of my favorite ways to stretch my neck muscles is to lie on the foam in the Rest Position, and to perform 5-10 reps of tucking my chin for a couple seconds, followed then by relaxing my neck-muscles for a few seconds. As you tuck your chin with each rep, picture and feel your upper-spine lengthening and becomming straight, as it runs up the back of your neck and head.

Also, the neck-mobility exercises detailed in the Dynamic Mobility Routine are extremely valuable for fluid and injury-free neck-movement, when they are performed regularly, as part of a long-term commitment to mobility.

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