Foam Roller Stretches

Be sure you are only stretching warm muscles -- ideally after a foam roller massage routine. Stretching, immediately after foam roller massage, will enhance recovery and mobility gains, and encourage myofascial release.

Instead of holding stretches for a certain number of seconds, I recommend getting into each stretch gradually, as you take 8 to 10 of your best deep-breaths. This will increase the quality of the stretches you are performing, and it will help prevent you from 'just going through the motions,' or from making movements that are too jerky or abrupt.

To avoid injury, ease into and out-of stretches carefully, and don't try to force yourself to make big gains in one day. Be thoughtful and patient.

The act of stretching, like foam roller massage, can be uncomfortable. I feel great after I stretch. Our bodies are programmed to want to avoid discomfort, but if you are able to consistantly end your foam roller massage routine with a stretching routine, your muscles will recover faster, and you'll see more strength and mobility gains.

Stretching is just one component of a Complete Recovery Workout, which should also include foam roller massage and a dynamic mobility routine.

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